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XSoldier Screenshots


This thread is for sharing your game screenshots (possibly of sexy nature). Keep in mind that we appreciate men here, so please keep female private parts covered.

To *.bmp uploaders: please, stop uploading your pictures in bitmap (BMP) format. Here's why:

  • Inconvenience. Forum members have to download them just to take a look.
  • File size. Aside from limited server storage, it takes more time to upload them for you and increases download times for everyone else.
  • Obsoleteness. While bitmap format definitely has its uses, it's not used anymore for consumer imaging needs. Don't use .bmp.

That being said, please use any imaging software or online service you like to convert .bmp files to either .jpg or .png and only then upload your pics.

Message added by sh1ny

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how do i get this to work i have the mod installed in the xcom2 mods folder etc. do I need to get something in the game 1st to get my xsoidiers or should I have them from the start?


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yes thats correct.

  1. does the launcher shows the mod?
  2. is it enabled?
  3. check your documents folder (My Games/XCOM 2/Config/whatever) and look for a INI called XComXSoldier, to see if its getting created. If there is one, open it and check if it has values other than Zeros (iVersion, should be 1, if its 0, something is wrong)
  4. out of ideas! xD

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1 hour ago, 7SinGula said:

Sometime they zoom and i love it (laid back best attitude)

I couldnt agree more.. I love when they walk up on the Squad screen with laid back... LOL

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I have a HUGE "guys being coiled and constricted by snakes" fetish as well, so the Viper's Bind attack combined with the mod is incredibly hot. If only the Seeker from the first game was still in it so the soldiers could be tentacled and strangled as well.

snow bound chris.png

snow bound chris 2.png


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4 minutes ago, Vector said:

LOL! Maybe one day I'll turn Viper's into buffed snakes aswell =P

Mmmmmmm sounds great =D And/Or make a more human Viper by replacing their bodies from the hips-up with a buff human hips-up, with the eyes replaced with the Viper's eyes and still have the tongue ;3




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