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XSoldier Screenshots


This thread is for sharing your game screenshots (possibly of sexy nature). Keep in mind that we appreciate men here, so please keep female private parts covered.

To *.bmp uploaders: please, stop uploading your pictures in bitmap (BMP) format. Here's why:

  • Inconvenience. Forum members have to download them just to take a look.
  • File size. Aside from limited server storage, it takes more time to upload them for you and increases download times for everyone else.
  • Obsoleteness. While bitmap format definitely has its uses, it's not used anymore for consumer imaging needs. Don't use .bmp.

That being said, please use any imaging software or online service you like to convert .bmp files to either .jpg or .png and only then upload your pics.

Message added by sh1ny

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This mod is the sole reason I started playing XCOM, the only improvement I can think of is soldiers having bigger bulges. Especially in starting armor where the bulge is practically non-existent.

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3 hours ago, boman50 said:

I can't find where to get chest hair on my characters like the ones in some of these pictures.  Can someone tell where I can find it?



there's no way to put it on or take it off.. it's just there, built into the texture. Perhaps your graphic settings are too low, or something?

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XSoldier is my reason started playing this game 2 weeks ago, and I've been hooked ever since.

Here is the protagonist (a younger Japanese soldier nicknamed Strider) created for one of my campaign.
It's fun catching him interacting with other hunks in the Avenger, or simply deep in thought by himself.









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Yeah, Vector have improved the XSoldier mod alot. It now has full nudity and you can customize the body and genitals however you feel like. They can even get erect now if you want that. He haven't released it to the public though.



Edited by TheWetViking

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10 hours ago, TheWetViking said:

Yeah, Vector have improved the XSoldier mod alot. It now has full nudity and you can customize the body and genitals however you feel like. They can even get erect now if you want that. He haven't released it to the public though.


Ah I see, just more of Vector *** on the people that supported his work by rubbing the content in people's faces like a child in PE class saying "Haha you can't have the ball because it is mine!"

It's funny because most wouldn't hide their work from the public, instead they'd make a Patreon and benefit financially like artists such as Taka making 6 figures doing what he loves while also satisfying the wants of others, but I guess someone really got to Vector personally to make him shut down, change his Twitter title to something vulgar and sprint into the closet for eternity.

Take Alan Turing for example, he had to deal with homophobes left and right that eventually drove him to his grave, but that never stopped him from continuing his work and releasing it to the public for the greater good. 

Edited by sh1ny
Vector's not into that

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On 3/23/2020 at 4:47 PM, Waldo said:


Having developed gay adult games, I can imagine what kind of messages he's getting and what makes it unbearable. I'm a bit surprised already that he kept at it for this long pro bono.

Sharing what you love doing is a joy, certainly. But it quickly turns sour when you realize that MANY people who are receiving your work for free are not happy and grateful, but bitter and demanding. Unfortunately the bitter ones are going to be the vocal ones that you receive daily messages from, the happy ones don't really make a noise and you are left trying to appease left and right as if it's your day job. While nasty things are expected from homophobes, they are not expected to come from the gay community itself --- oh, but they come. Hyper-muscular gay stuff is a minority within a minority. Sometimes it shocks you how narrow-minded / self-entitled your own community can get, despite being a victim to it.

Sometimes the people asking things are asking nicely, so you try to go along with it, but it's still a slap in your face and will burn you out over time --- "Can you make  X please? Oh and then make Y? Oh and make Z? By the way I don't like how your character looks can you change it to perfectly match MY aesthetics instead of yours?" At certain points you'd find yourself stuck doing things that you specifically wanted to AVOID in the first place. Sure, monetary compensation can at least serve to keep you going during those dark times --- but it ain't easy doing niche gay content and expect to earn lots. The sheer traffic numbers are nowhere near straight stuff. Check how many downloads are here. Even if everyone is willing to pay $10 for a mod, it's still a limited amount compared to what someone with a capability of doing a standalone project can earn in his/her day job. And if you're getting paid, what about the moderators? What about other people who's mods you've used? It's not that straight forward. Perhaps even worse, you'd dread to think if everyone is so demanding and self-entitled when they're getting things for free, how much more demanding they'd be if they're paying for it. It feels very "WTF am I doing with my life" to be taking all those extra tasks that are not even things you want to do, not being appreciated after doing them, and make a sum that you'd be able to make with a few hours of overtime. So there really isn't a clear path anywhere, and the only option left is "out".

While there are quite a few things I do not agree with in the quoted paragraphs, I do think that the only chance that we'd have Vector back (without driving him into desperation a few months later) is for him to monetize his work. But like I said, that is a choice, and it may not look that appealing depending on the person's circumstances. I want to add though, that actually when people are paying, they don't get much more demanding than when they were getting things for free. The most bitchy ones actually won't pay to begin with, and obviously they don't get to bitch if they haven't paid. Ironically people become much more patient with you once they're paying you, they'd be happy to see you make progress instead of demanding you to make a perfect mod/app from day 1. Perhaps it's the "paid things require more of my careful and tender love" type of thinking. It's all counter-intuitive, and it still depends on each creator's circumstances/expectations, but creating things become so much more enjoyable when you are compensated. Not the amount of money itself of course, but your general mental health and well-being.  

P.S. Alan Turing wasn't jumping into the graveyard for "humanity", he'd roll his eyes all the way around. Nor does he have that much "confidence" in people --- he killed himself, that's how much confidence he had for the world. Turing was paid LOTS, got to a TOP position in his field, and until the unfortunate events happened was well respected by his peers. He'd much more likely bitch-slap someone for stepping over the line --- he's not exactly known to be a "people lover", you know. And it's a horrific thing to be used as an example: "Don't you want to be a hero like Alan Turing and get chemically castrated for being gay after all the things you've done and ended up killing yourself in absolute despair?" No, no thank you, I don't. Let someone else be the martyr please, I'd like to live.

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If everyone was willing to pay $10 for the mod it wouldn't be a "limited amount". Creators such as Taka on Patreon are making well over 100k a year and rising daily. That is not limited. Working a day job you'd be stuck with a fixed pay doing a project that you don't want to do.

If Vector was trying to please people then that is where he went wrong, his objective for sharing his content with the community should have been to inspire people like we see many on this site today making mods similar to his and even people learning how to port armors to SAM themselves and in turn sharing their ports with the community and inspiring even more people.

P.S.P.S Alan Turing sacrificed himself for the greater good just like the MEN on the front lines. He knew he couldn't fight on the front lines so he fought the information war. Alan Turing was aware of the extreme risk just like the men on the front lines knew the extreme risk the second they hit the field. Every man in those times had one job and it was to protect those at home. Alan Turing did just that and died doing so with millions of other brave soldiers. If outliving your brothers was the plan from the start then you were wrong from the start.

It has been years. Vector anit coming back at this point. Hes chosen his friend circle and is done with us. All the users of this site can do at this point is keep his legacy alive and inspire potential geniuses.

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Go ahead and try making money with Patreon. I've done it for 3 years and I've got games published on Steam etc. Just like not every youtuber is going to be PewDiePie, not every Patreon gets to earn however many K. Beside, for my day job I earn well over 100K anyways, it's really not about the money. And also, not everyone is working a day job that he doesn't want to do --- I like my day job too, it's not like I purposely chose to work hard toward a career that I never wanted to be in. So again, it's a choice. I'm doing it for fun, and there is a balance at which I'd still find it fun. I suspect many feel similarly.

But that's just it, it's for fun. Inspiring other people can be fun too, but being demanded as if somehow this is OWED to anyone is certainly not fun. It's appalling in fact. It triggers me. "Should be"? What "should" I be doing? Which "lords" am I serving all of a sudden? And which church and saintly lecture series did I unknowingly sign myself onto? Please, no one is doing creative work on their own time just to be bound by middle school morals that we've spent years truly understand and move away from.

As for Alan Turing, are you seriously trying to say that he WANTED to get chemically castrated by the British Police for being gay? He didn't "sacrifice" himself to be subjected to chemical castration OR for being gay, don't get your logic twisted. To be chemically castrated was entirely unforeseen and NOT what he wanted, at ANY given moment in his life. He fought the war for whatever reason, could be honor, could be passion, could be ambition, could be interest, could be a whole mix of everything good and glorious. But the war is not his life, do you know how much work he did in the field of AI and Com Sci AFTER the war has long ended? Most importantly, he did not fight the war, join his career, or do ANYTHING to be essentially betrayed by those he has helped to save, to be maimed and killed. Nor did he foresee that this was what was waiting for him --- Again, he called the police himself, surely unaware of what they were going to do to him, and he killed himself after. Do not mix his joining the war with his tragic end, those are very different things, he intended for one and definitely NOT the other. You cannot say that the chemical castration is a "sacrifice" --- it was a betrayal, and it was not his intention. You are trying to claim that he "brought it onto himself bravely", no, he didn't, he bravely joined the war but after the war, they DID HIM DIRTY. His tragedy was NOT a sacrifice, it was cruelty done to him. Hence you cannot use him as an example of a "willing sacrifice in the face of homophobia" --- this is simply and directly a case of a talented individual being brutally treated, there's nothing willing in his death.

And yes, obviously Vector isn't coming back, we're just babbling here, expressing views. All I'm saying is, creators don't owe anything to anyone, inspiration is to be cherished instead of demanded --- in fact, demanding it is a sure way to turn it off. Trying to cage free spirits is a recipe for whatever flame to very quickly burn out.

Edited by KennyJuice

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1 hour ago, KennyJuice said:


Plenty of people make a livable income on Patreon, I have yet to see a single truly talented and well organized person on Patreon fail to make a significant amount of money through it. If a Patreon creator takes 6 months to put out 1 piece of content then they shouldn't expect to make much from Patreon.

It is always a shame when someone uses the phrase "it's really not about the money" it makes you sound like a child. If it wasn't about the money you'd start up your own company, work for small companies that actually NEED Information Technology relevant individuals or simply move back in with your parents and be a bum.

No one works a job "for fun" just stop with that BS. Vector wasn't being demanded to do anything nor would anyone be demanding anything if he were to move to Patreon. People will wait patiently for good quality stuff so Vector would do great there.

Alan Turing EXPECTED to end up dead, he knew who he was going to be working for, he knew they would know everything about him. He wasn't going to sit in his basement like a coward while every able-bodied man in the country is on the front lines fighting. The work he did after the war was only because the government gave him the funding and materials to pursue bigger projects and research.

His country never betrayed him. He knew the laws and he broke them hence calling the police on himself. Additionally, I never said he sacrificed himself in the name of homophobia I said he sacrificed himself for his country.

No one is demanding anything from anyone. All I am saying is that I hate having to see new never to be released content being shoved down our throats as if we've done something wrong to Vector. I've been here since Hall of Torque never criticized his work or any of the likes, just here downloading and being grateful that there is some male content to use on Skyrim instead of gross female content.

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On 3/23/2020 at 9:53 PM, shusted13 said:

It's a shame about Vector, for sure, but I would love to see more screenshots posted by those who are fortunate to have the latest mods, and even those who do not.

I agree with this. I've really appreciated Vector's work and have sunk extra hours into Skyrim and Xcom because of his mods that I wouldn't have otherwise done. He's a very talented creator. I've accepted that he'll never release anything again which, sadly needs to be said, is wholly within his right to do. I cannot fault him from withdrawing from the public given the ridiculous expectations of other people.

And I know how hard it can be for a creator to only hear from negative individuals. So I wanted to add my voice to the silent supportive side. I'm more than happy to see people post shots of his current projects. By no means is it "shoving never to release content down our throats" and I'm just happy to see what he's done.

On 6/4/2020 at 5:44 AM, Waldo said:

No one is demanding anything from anyone. All I am saying is that I hate having to see new never to be released content being shoved down our throats as if we've done something wrong to Vector. I've been here since Hall of Torque never criticized his work or any of the likes, just here downloading and being grateful that there is some male content to use on Skyrim instead of gross female content.

I'm going to address this specifically. Your criticism comes off very much like a demand. No one is forcing you to read this thread nor log in to the website. I understand your frustration though. I also liked his mods and would love to see him share again. However, I'd much rather use Vector's departure from the modding scene as impetus for change. Instead of perpetuating the type of negativity that drove him away, I feel we should strive to be more positive in these spaces and be more outward with our support. If it really is that upsetting to you, I think you could phrase your disappointment better and, ultimately, avoid the thread if it's too much otherwise. These games and the mods for them are meant for fun.

Finally, it's really unnecessary to call generic heterosexual mods gross. Gay mods get called that all the time. I'm pretty confident the mods we enjoy here get called that all the time. We know it's not appropriate. We don't need to stoop to their level.

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When someone creates something and he's/she's expecting only positive feedback, it is a very naive approach, when there is some hate he/she ''locks himself in the closet and cries'', and then he/she punishes those who wanted to support him/her by locking all the stuff... 

There will always be hate in this world, especially to people like us, but why focus on them in the first place, why not focus on our own community, I'm not saying there is no hate even in our small communities, but there are ''functions'' to deal with it like banning those trolls, block them from the site/content/ or ignore them (if possible of course) etc etc..

Just my 2cents, stay safe everyone!


Edited by MaleLover

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Finished a Legendary/Ironman run with XSoldier recently 😄 And this is like, the only place I can actually share my screenshots to, so:


My MVP Sharpshooter. I think I like the way I styled him the most out of all the soldiers I made.


It's that one cutscene everyone takes a screenshot of.


A sexy guy with sexy numbers.


The A-team going into the final mission, containing my 4 original soldiers from the very first mission. Armory shots in spoilers.








(Final boss spoilers I guess, just to be safe)



That Avatar never knew what hit 'em. (The "final boss" was kind of a joke tbh)


A great screen to return to after beating the game.

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Wish Vector had waited until after he released the finished version to lose his mind and disappear, but at least it's still fun playing WOTC with XSoldier. Also fun having a beefy hunky Markiplier as part of the team.


squeeze 6.png

squeeze 12.png

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On 6/9/2019 at 10:39 AM, hidakakenshi said:

Here are some more soldiers I made and Bradford...
Oh dear Bradford.








How do you manage to get those angles at the home base? I can only seem to zoom in to a certain amount.


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