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XSoldier Update Inquiry

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Sorry if this is any kind of salt on a wound or anything like that, but I've really loved Vector's works while always having lurked in the shadows and stuff, and I just saw the screenshots of the updated version that hasn't been publicly released. 

I fully understand and respect Vector's decision of taking steps back for his own personal sake, and I hope my words don't ignite anything, because that isn't my intention--I was just curious if this would be the place he would publicly release the updated versions if he chose to. 

I really only started playing and currently thoroughly enjoy games like Skyrim and XCom 2 because of his influence, so reigniting those flames (especially in the latter's case) with any kind of update to the mods I treasure (and would honestly gladly pay for, because I know there are hours behind these creations, and imo hard work with such benefits as these don't need to be free) would be incredibly exciting. 😶

In the end, though, I really respect Vector's works and his decisions. I just hope all is well with him! I just had a curiosity that I was hoping could be quenched > <.

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Don't count on it. If he releases it now or any time in the future, it would be a miracle. It was over 2 years ago that he planned to release it.

It's sad, I was very excited for it too haha, but of course I will always respect his decisions.

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