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Need Help Making Armor Fit Obese Body

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I have both XP32 and SAM installed on my Skyrim game, and it works fine when my character is nude, but when my character has armor or clothes on, it makes him thinner than he's really supposed to be. The armors on his obese body seemed to be working okay before I installed FNIS as well. Is there a mod I need, or is there some other kind of fix that needs doing?

Thank you for your consideration.

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Author of the topic Posted (edited)

Sure. I made sure to get a nearby NPC into the shot for size comparison.

The first three are images of him nude.





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Correcting order

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The armors you are wearing aren't refitted to work with SAM. If you did install the refitted armors, they are probably got replaced by some other mods. Are you using MO2? If you are, you can check what conflicts with ragged robes and fur armor. 

They should be in :




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Author of the topic Posted

Yes, I am using Mod Organizer 2. I am just not familiar enough with MO2 to know HOW to check those things.

And that's odd, because I clearly have SAM Vanilla Refits checked.

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It's quite hard to determine what's causing it. 

Firstly, you'd want to check the Conflicts column, next to Mod Name column, and see if there's a thunder icon. If the thunder icon has a plus sign (+) it means its files are replacing another mod which is no biggie; if the thunder icon has minus sign (-), this means that another mod is replacing the Refits with (probably) Vanilla meshes that doesn't adhere to SAM sliders. Most likely, this come from a texture pack that attempts to fix/optimize UV maps on vanilla meshes (which means the fixed/optimized meshes are based on vanilla meshes and therefore doesn't adhere to SAM sliders).

If that's the case, the problem should be fixed by reinstalling the Vanilla refits mod and put it below the texture pack that conflicts with it. 

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