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New SAM texture glitches

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So, a few days ago I've started having a problem wherein the SAM body textures apply _only_ to the hands.  I played around with the mods and realized that it seems to be a compatibility issue with Males of Skyrim, as it happens whether MoS is above or below SAM in the load order.  If I disable MoS then textures appear onthe rest of the body like they should, but Farkas is walking around with his beard and teeth floating in midair, the rest of his head is gone. I really don't know what to do here. 


Edit: Nvm. I just disabled all appearances mods, including SAM, and I still have the floating teeth but. Clearly it's not a SAM issue. 

Edit: After some more experimenting, I discovered that the invisible head issue was separate from the hand and body issue, reloading a previews save without MoS fixed it. However the texture issue persists, so could anyone suggest some SAM-friendly face mods? Particularly one that will let me get rid of that horrible eye makeup on Farkas and Vilkas that makes them look like they smeared their eyeliner/mascara?

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Are you using the SAM version of MoS? The original uses it's own body mesh, so you'll have a texture seam. Install a mod that makes it body mod compatible like the MoS SAM or even SOS patches that are currently available. Also there's plenty of other male face replacers, though some include a few women too like Pandorables. Most of the newer ones are 'texture preference aware' so they're easier to use with various bodies and texture combinations.

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