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Edward Q.

SE/VR - How do I make men go naked or wear custom clothes? I'm using SAM Light in case that matters.

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I'm just trying to make changes on a global level, like have half of the nonmage male population in my game wear nothing but footwear, and have the other half wear stuff like kilts and loose shorts with nothing underneath, so that their schlongs show when they're sitting. All shirtless with varying degrees of body hair and all. As for mages I'd probably have them in short, skimpy, sleeveless Roman-like tunics or something.

Where do I begin?

SAM Core didn't work on my setup and I understand that's because I'm on SkyrimVR, so I'm using SAM Light instead. While it works for my avatar (via VRIK) and any dead characters whose clothes I manually steal, I have no MCM and no way to change anything. So if the answer to my question is supposed to be in the MCM, I'm essentially locked out of it just like I'm locked out of tweaking Samuel/Samson values. At least to my knowledge. Could use some tips on that too! ❤️

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Posted (edited)

SAM Morphs and bodygen allows you to have a greater amount of control over NPC's with SAM Light. It's not going to change anybody's clothes though, you have to do that yourself either in-game or by CK.

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