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The installation instruction of High Poly Head is stated on the description of the download page.

Additionally, I presume any mod manager can install the mod just fine. 

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Author of the topic Posted (edited)

My bad I expected a instant downloading and Nexus did put into game butt a few hours later...strange.

I disabled as the High Poly head mod causes to many game crashes for me. And when I added a second mod that needed HPH to work it started causes more crashes.

Also disabled the mods needing HPH.

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more info

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First time posting but figured i would try to help,

what mod manager are you using? if by any chance is vortex, it's simple.

1.Download the file to your PC
2.Open mod manager (Vortex)
3.Click"MODS" on the left panel.
4.You should see the "drop file{s}" window with a folder logo at the bottom.
5. Now just drag the file you downloaded to the drop file window.
6.Install it, Enable it,  RUN LOOT, then in game go in the character creation part and change the face part from vanilla to High Poly, if I recall should be the 3rd or 4th face choice.
7.Save and DONE!!

I have over 500 mods and installed HPD v1.1.1  mid game and nothing happen, and now just updated to 1.2 and still al good, so I suggest check your load order and make sure you don't have other heads i had a problem at first but was my fault looking for high poly heads i installed many versions of the oldrim one from nexus and those gave me the crashes so make sure you don't have any others installed.
ps: also mod manager you should be using is Vortex or MO2,   MO and Nexus Mod Manager are no longer supported.
Good luck!

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