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Download — The Well Dressed Mage - SAM Light

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The Well Dressed Mage - SAM Light



  1. SAM Light (with high poly)
  2. The Well Dressed Mage original mod (mainly for textures, I included a converted esl plugin since the one from the Nexus is still on format 43).

ORIGINAL MOD LINK: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3825

The conversion is not perfect, it wont work over 100 slider on neither Samson nor Samuel, so don't get too crazy. There are some minor clipping here and there, and there are a few problems with body gaps. Check it yourself and tell me where can I improve the meshes. 



  1. Run the hood meshes through Nif optimizer if they're giving you weird effects.
  2. I'm trying to fix a wrong texture placement on the Thieves Guild armor, idk what went wrong, but if you are eager to try it go ahead and fix it yourself or remove the non-working mesh (the coat itself). 
  3. Have fun



Original mod by Earrindo, conversion by me.



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