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Struggeling to get control over my member in werewolf form

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone!

In my recent "restart" of Skyrim SE I discovered the "Greatness" of good male body replacers - namely SAM Light for SE.
So I dediced to ditch SOS and Tempered Skins (which followed me through many games) and rely on SAM only.

So far so good, I really like the results and in combination with RaceMenu, there was nothing to complain and no hurdle I could not take until I ran into the matter with Werewolf mods.

Question is: Has anyone any luck with adding an (adjustable) member to WW form with a Moonlight Textured WW, running a game with custom race SAM textured male?

To get to the point: No matter what I try - I cannot get "control" over the Schlong that is attached to my Werewolf form.

Body Textures are from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2803 Moonlight Tales SE which overwrites the textures from https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6937-hdt-werewolves-se/

As Moonlight Tales does not seem to have meshes prepared for Schlongs, I tried various things, until I found HDT Werewolves from LL, which at least gets SOMETHING to show up.

My guess is, that this Schlong is managed by Racemenu (as my SAM member is also managed that way). But calling Racemenu, while in Werewolf form, simply crashes the game unconditionally - so there is no way I could edit the SAM Body Slides.

HDT Werewolved provides the following meshes:


Where "malebodywerewolf_0.nif" seems to be a "VectorPlexus Regular" and 1 & 2 seem to be "VectorPlexus Muscular".

"Untampered" mesh in NifScope, featuring an aparent "VectorPlexus Regular":


Mesh with a VectorPlexus Muscular - modified, to be able to see changes in one glance:

The result is the same, no matter the changes in size.

I tried using SOS with disabled Racemenu controls (so I could choose 1-20 in Size and 0-300% in scale in MCM) which did not yield anything useful at all (horrible outcome).

Tampering with Nifscope does no good either. It only "works" (if it can be called like that), when SAM + XPMSSE are deactivated, leaving my Character in some horrible state Skeleton wise, but with a huge junk, like edited in the nif file. "Using" this in anything else but "membership control" (to raise and lower it) leads to a crash.

I also tried to use SOS, editing the three Schlongs Regular/Muscular/Smurf with Nifscope to "start bigger" - to no avail - SOS has no control, unless I "schlongify" the character and the result is horrible.

To sum it up again:
* SOS is no good in MCM mode and with RaceMenu, the thing crashes in WW form
* SAM + XPMSSE: I have no idea how to control it, as RaceMenu crashes in WW form
* Nif edits seem to be pointless (seems like it is "rescaled" somehow")

I don't need the HDT Werewolf Mod (if I could just get a member attached to my Moonlight Textured WW).
Has anyone any luck with adding a member to WW form with a Moonlight Textured WW, running a game with custom race SAM textured male?

I'm at my wits end and would be happy for any new leads,



EDIT: A way to console edit / config file / ... the schlong attributes outside of RaceMenu would also work, I only need to get this set up once and don't plan on making many changes afterwards.

Edited by Gildoniel
Added a thought, that just poped up ;)

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By default, the werewolf body doesn't have a weight slider and is shared by both male and female.  The mod from LL fixes that.  The *_0.nif and *_1.nif files are used for the lower and upper bounds of the weight slider.  SAM Light doesn't support werewolves since it would require using a .esp file for it.  So, I didn't add custom genital morphs to the werewolf meshes included with the original SAM.  If you're using my RaceMenu mod to adjust the genital sizes, try using only the PenisSize 2, PenisTaper 2, and ScrotumSize 2 sliders since they only adjust skeleton scaling.  This can only be done while not in werewolf form though.

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Weird timing OP. Just wrote this yesterday and you might want to try it out. Its esp-free graph-free control and scaling for any*TM SOS-based genitals. No schlongifying etc and uses SKSE/NetImmerse for rotation euler manipulation on the GenitalLag nodes instead of using a graph. Just make sure your skel has those aka GenitalsLag01 GenitalsLag02 etc which it should if you are using XPMSE


Up key to bend up and Down key to bend down. Hold LShift to instead scale the cock. Does not drop below default scale. This should handle  control and scaling elements you mentioned problems with, no more no less and ATM is for temp test use. If you try it let me know how it works out. Def plan to tweak and do more with this like enable it for the tail too etc, and curious how it fares for others

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Author of the topic Posted (edited)

@KouLeifoh thank you for your explanation! PenisSize2, PenisTaper2 and ScrotumSize2 are the relevant values for my Human-Form - and I just checked, they work for Werewolf-Form as well, only that the Member scales even much biggen in Human-Form, compared to WW-Form, which makes it a problem (a "sizable" member for WW would sink into the floor for a Human - Human member with the same values seems to be much much bigger).

@Sman266  your script works and is easy to use, thanks alot! Only "downside" is, that the steps are MUCH too great, having things in 0.25 steps (or smaller) instead of 1 would be better, I believe. Right now I can choose between "small" and "extremely huge" (up to screen fillingly huge). I had a look at the ASM of your script. I guess it should be no problem to make the step size smaller. Really great thing is, that the "size increase" in WW-Form does not carry over to human form (it does not "stick" in WW-Form either - but that is no problem).

Could you please provide a script with smaller steps for the increase/decrease part? Ideally without the bend UP/DOWN (if it is only for errection management and not for animations) as I have "Membership Control for SAM" which binds to Up/Down as well. Thanks again for your efforts!

Edited by Gildoniel

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If you find it was helpful what I can do is PM you an update after I tweak it some more. I was frankly surprised how quickly I got to work smoothly, and the main focus was on bending, not replacing sliders for scaling  or what not. Though with WW that might be a good route so I can tweak the increment. You can access racemenu as WW btw just  have to make some tweaks first that'd I'd have to see how I did it before. Think its just a matter of having dummy nodes on the skeleton but might be one or two other things, it was a while ago I did that

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Author of the topic Posted

Well, as Kou stated above: With SAM Light I cannot use RaceMenu for the WW... It uses the same Sliders WW & Human and the Human side scales much bigger/faster than the WW side (for me) , so to get a decent WW schlong I would have my member deep into the gound as human with half the girth of a barrel or something.

Having your script can save the day, as it can scale on demand and resets on form-reversion.

So if I could get a "tweaked" version with smaller steps (fine if it includes the Up/Down function as well) - this would be helpful!

Thanks again for your work!

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