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Download — DragonBallXenoverse2 Majin Race Primal Ascension Mod

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DragonBallXenoverse2 Majin Race Primal Ascension Mod

Note: Frieza / Majin races are both fully functional and work correctly with the mod's scripts. However; their base models have different morphing offsets (compared to Human / Saiyan and Namekian) and I have not fully fixed their 'growth' versions yet (as it will take a lot of time to fully aesthetically fix). For now I have included these versions in case anyone wants to use them (or wants a decent base file to edit).
This mod adds in a configurable script that is attached to a configurable Awakening Skill: Primal Ascension.
(Spiritually inspired by Vector's SAM)


  • Increase player muscle mass and size by multiple factors; I did my best to try and keep it as aesthetically pleasing as possible while still allowing for the transformation to more than double default player size. Note: there may be visual clipping with some outfits; or some outfits may appear comically bad or stretched.
  • Primal Ascension also grants a whole host of configurable effects. Currently I have envisioned it to be a somewhat overpowered ability as it's more or less a 'roleplaying' sort of concept for me personally. As such; it currently requires 300 Ki to activate and grants +200% Normal Attack / Normal Ki Damage; +100% Strike / Ki Blast; +66% All Damage Reduction; 500% Increased Stamina Damage Done to Blocking Targets; Increases All Forms of Movement Speeds (Flight / Ground / Dash); Auto Stamina Regeneration; Auto Low Health Regeneration; +300% Increased Ki Generation.
  • The Primal Ascension skill can be purchased from the normal Skill Shop in town for 100 zeni.
  • Note: The way the game saves / updates the body manipulation scripts means that you can only have ONE of these installed at a time. The only exception is the Namekian; which can be installed along side any of the others. Otherwise Human / Saiyan are included in the same script (and can be installed with Namekian); or Frieza / Namekian, or Majin / Namekian. Hope that makes sense.

**YOU WILL NEED**https://animegamemods.net/thread/821/xv2-mods-installer  to install the mod (Link just below the link at the very top; "download version 3.401 here")
**IF YOU WANT TO EDIT THE SKILL / SCRIPT**: https://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/4059/tools-eternity  ('xv2patcher' allows you to edit and create mods / patches)

Special thanks to Vector; Eternity; and the Gay High Council.


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