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Download — SavrenX Bochu Patch SAM LIGHT SE

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SavrenX Bochu Patch SAM LIGHT SE

First...Download this bochu repackage ( without fomod ) :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8s3gph41qnxih70/Bochu Race Redone %26 YS Skyrim Male NPC Overhaul.7z?dl=0

Personally i prefer provide patch but the author seems already left skyrim long time ago and he clearly said no more support. Vortex can't install this mod for now and i suppose the author won't bother lay his hand for this small fix. He wrote on his web :
" Sorry, No More Supports & Updates for this mod. I finally quit Skyrim. I had played Skyrim for a long time since I just became adult age, but I don't think it is worth with struggling with too few male mods, and disgusting ugly faces even in LE anymore. If you have any questions about this, leave comments here, but no more updates.".

So i install the bochu for SAM and repack it in zip files. No need fomod anymore.

Credit to :
- Green Arbor's YSRIM ( Bochu creator ) :

- Bijin Skin ( for Face )

- Fair Skin ( For Face )

- Pure Skin ( For Face )

After you download bochu repack, Overwrite all files with my mod ( patch ). All meshes already converted to SE from this mod. But you need other textures from bochu repack. PUT MY ESP LOWEST ORDER.

For now, i only provide smooth skin without any pubic hair. I will provide hybrid pubic hair later. For neckseam, this neckpatch already smooth but female head always be female head. Under CERTAIN lighting, we can see slight seam ( behind neck ) but minor. So far just fine. Because the female head not properly aligned. What do you expect when we combine female head with male ? XD. But as long as we get 80 percent fine condition, all fine. Even Ava follower and original bochu experienced this condition too.

For SOS patch user, Download this addon first from Loverslab : ( Download Male version )

After that, Overwrite all with my sos patch. If SOS say not compatible when you want give schlong, force it. No problem. Just sos usual warning. All working well.



OPTIONAL : Always replace manually in folder ( textures\Bochu Race Redone\faceparts ). I will keep add variant for update. Pick your poison.

1. Default bijin already in mod.
2. Fair Skin face :






3. Pure Skin :







I don't give permission to load this mod outside Vectorplexus because i'm using SAM Assets. If you want make follower with this Bochu, feel free no need ask me permission but only load your follower INSIDE VECTORPLEXUS. Respect EULA as SAM Users.

Now...what are you waiting for ? Stop read and start make that bubble ass Sexy Twink. Fill this web with twink XD.


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