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I installed 2 days ago SAM (Shape Atlas for Men) because i like'd the Textures/Body Options way more then SOS. But whenever i start a Sex Scene, the schlong just clip through the vagina, so no collision. For the Female Body i have COSIO and i know thats not the problem because whenever she masturbates or gets fucked by something else than a Normal Race the collision works.  Anybody has a clue why SAM wont work properly? With SOS everything worked fine tho :(.


P.S. Is it maybe possible to use the Genitals from SOS and the SAM Body Options together?

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For collision better use animated pussy mod as their hand meshes altered with collision. It work well because i tried it.

As for sam light this need trick because sam light different with high poly stuff. I tried it too and work well but need some work. Better try that animated mod first for easier solution. Besides members here "Mostly" don't care too much into pussy collision as females scene forbidden here if you understand what i mean XD. Loverslab maybe better solution for females stuff.

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