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HDT BBB butt physics issue being pushed up

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Hello, would anyone please help me fix this issue that I'm currently having? Whenever I alter the size of the buttocks of any character, it instantly messes with the physics and causes them to be pushed up and flattened. When I am editing the size in RaceMenu and alter the size it appears normally as it should, but the moment I save the changes and exit RaceMenu, the butt gets pushed up instantly no matter what I do. Typing in "smp reset" into the console fixes the issue, but then the moment I exit the console, it instantly gets pushed back up again. Can anyone please help me solve this issue? (Using Skyrim SE)

what happens:


what it SHOULD look like: 


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Bones used for physics calculations aren't really meant to be scaled.  You're always at the mercy of the underlying physics, vertex weights, and animations.  The ideal approach is to use custom morphs for the shape you want.  It can be easily created in Outfit Studio, but getting them into the game is an entirely different issue.

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