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Download — Kreis' Armors of Oblivion #2 - Archer

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Kreis' Armors of Oblivion #2 - Archer

A marksman, adept at combat at great distances. Able to take down most foes before they have a chance to draw sword.

Archers are fighters specializing in long-range combat and rapid movement. Opponents are kept at distance by ranged weapons and swift maneuver, and engaged in melee with sword and shield after the enemy is wounded and weary.


If you don't read description below, I will not answer your question.

Description : 

A set of craft-able armor pieces tailored to Men and Mer of Tamriel who pursues the study of marksmanship. Comprised of layered leather plates and handcrafted cotton for maximum mobility, comfort, and more importantly, appeal. 

Visually, the armor is designed with Light Armor in mind; but Heavy Armor version is added as per @ Darnexx request. 

The armor set consists of

  • Harness [Slot 56] 
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Cap; offered in two size, small and large
    • The small cap only fits very small selection of hairstyle due to its size. In my screenshots, my character is wearing Joshua hair from KS Hairdos.
  • Body Armor; offered in briefs, thong, and garter (revealing). Only one can be worn at a time.

The Light version has the armor rating of a Glass armor, and the Heavy version has the armor rating of an Orcish armor; assuming one wears the harness as well. If you wanna go topless without the harness, you lose more than half of the armor rating since apparently, I still has some semblance of common sense even when it comes to bikini armor. If it's not already obvious, you need to have already learned Glass Smithing perk to craft the light version; and Orcish Smithing perk to craft the heavy version. You also need their respective materials as well. 

Inside the spoiler tag are the item in-game names: 


Light Armor

  • Archer Boots
  • Archer Gloves
  • Archer Small Cap
  • Archer Large Cap
  • Archer Harness
  • Archer Thong
  • Archer Briefs
  • Archer Garter

Heavy Armor :

  • Archer Padded Boots
  • Archer Padded Gloves
  • Archer Small Padded Hat
  • Archer Large Padded Hat
  • Archer Padded Harness
  • Archer Padded Thong
  • Archer Padded Briefs
  • Archer Padded Garter



  • KouLeifoh's HDT BBB Bounce

Installation : 

Install normally with your preferred mod manager. I personally use MO2.

Permission : 

If anyone wanted to convert, derive, modify; all I ask is that you share it with other people here also for everyone's benefit :D 

Known Issues

  • Clipping is expected on several body types. Do let me know if you notice some irritating clips though and I'll see if I can get it fixed. 
  • May look weird with some poses from Halo Poser. They are meant for skinny female character; which is definitely not what this armor is designed for. So use your own discretion for screenshots xD 

Footnotes : 

Buy me a coffee, if you feeling generous. ko-fi.com/kreiste or paypal.me/ChristopherKho 
My creations will always remain free and would never be locked behind paywall. 

If you like my works, please drop rating, like, comments. Internet points boost my self-confidence and ease my crippling anxiety.

Also, I'd literally just checked my wallet and realized people has sent me many donations and kind messages. Thank you to all of you <3 it warms my heart to know people appreciates my work :D 


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