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Download — Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Light Armor Redux II (Elven & Glass)

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Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Light Armor Redux II (Elven & Glass)

If you don't read description below, I will not answer your question.

I figured this will be the standard for upcoming redux. I will rework my older armors into a more elegant, sexy, and beautiful versions of themselves. 

As an additional note, KSO - Light Armor Redux has been discontinued and will not be maintained anymore. I left the mod up for people who preferred my old designs. Over the time, I will update this thread with more Light Armors rework. 

Initial Release : 

This one from KSO - Light Armor Redux, is the Elven & Glass Armors, integrating pieces from BD UUNP Armors and Clothes Replacer and Bikini Ascend. If you use both mods in your game for your ladies, then rejoice, because my replacer are literally meant to cover the dudes. If you are not using either mods, do not fret, because they aren't required. 

Description :

A set of Vanilla armor replacer, that will cover select basegame Light Armors. 

Consists of : 

  • Elven (Gilded) Armor, Boots & Gauntlets
  • Elven Light Armor, Boots, & Gauntlets
  • Glass Armor, Boots & Gauntlets; includes optional 2 extra variants, for those using aMidianBorn Book of Silence via patch. 

Pants Version


(Screenshot provided by @ Darnexx)

If you want for these armors to wear pants instead of thongs, launch Bodyslide, and click the Toggle Pants checkbox and Build the outfits, let it overwrite the NIFs and Tris in the main file. Don't forget to set the Weight 1 to 0 slider on the left column to 100%. Refer to the pictures below if instructions are unclear.



Patch for aMidianBorn Book of Silence :

Requires aMidianBorn Book of Silence. This alter the Thalmor Glass Armor set & Steel Glass Armor set. 

Installation : 

Install normally with your preferred mod manager. I personally use MO2

Permission : 

Feel free to alter the meshes to your liking if you know how to. I encourage you to share your derivations for others who cannot do it themselves with no charge. The reason why I learn to mod is because 9 out of 10 armors in the screenshot threads were unobtainable for downloads so I say, screw it, I'll learn to do it myself and be the change I want to see in the gay Skyrim community.

Conversion to LE:



Nisetanaka for The Amazing World of Bikini Armors & Bikini Ascend (and Andreis for his port)

justice123 for Justice Glass Armor

baddog1978 for BD UUNP Armors and Clothes Replacer 


Buy me a coffee, if you feeling generous. ko-fi.com/kreiste or paypal.me/ChristopherKho 
My creations will always remain free and would never be locked behind paywall. 


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Hello there. Just to be sure, since these are replacers, these new armors would be used by all NPCs, correct? I was thinking about restricting skimpy equipment to the player character & companions.

I haven't used the CK for a long time, but perhaps I'll need to mark them as craftable and figure out some way to make them not replace vanilla armors.

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