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Download — LK Ciel Greenston ENG/RU

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LK Ciel Greenston ENG/RU

English isn't my native language, so please excuse any mistakes.

I apologize for the translation.

All errors are fixed.

Posted a new version of the mod for those players who did not download the mod and a new version of the ESP (ENG&RU) files for those who downloaded in the period from 12.10 to 14.10.

Бело-голубой букет

My mod adds a follower named Ciel Greenstone to Skyrim. He is a warrior-mage. He has a house in Riverwood. The mod consists of two files. Mod in English (bsa&esp) and a separate ESP for the Russian language.

Сiel Greenstone is a companion-mag with a small "dowry"- house in Riverwood.
Ciel developed a powerful -a companion that does not need to be distracted during the game. He will heal himself, cover both you and himself, and as your hero or heroine develops, he will give a light to any of your enemies.
At the start, he has level 65, but correctly holds himself (in battle, he uses spells 1, 2, 8).
Yes, The he was created for playing with Requiem, legendary level, and/or playing with all sorts of additions and complications of the existence of a multi-stage Dovahkin.
My "game cocktail" of Requiem, Michael's monsters and zombies his went well.

So, what it can please you:
- spells:
1.Fireball - right hand
2.Fireball - left hand
4.Stone flesh
5.fast treatment
6.The healing of wounds
7.Substantial magic resistance (ability to)
8.The revival of zombies
9.restore health in battle
10.Fireball enhanced (fire and stones) - available only at high levels of your hero
11.treatment of neighbors
12.Unsealed door
13.Level 5 magic replenishment

- dowry:
1. Оutfit .
2. Enchanted armor.
3. Weapon - the "Blazing" sword.
4. House in the city))).

In first battle (while your hero is "still small") he uses spells 1, 2, 8.

Let's take a closer look.
1. The outfit. Not enchanted. This is a substitute for the farmer's clothing. It will ONLY affect Ciel. All the other farmers in Skyrim are still sporting closed pants. Since the outfit has no enchantment, it can be easily replaced with any other armor or clothing.
2. armor based on Regal Huntsman Armor v2-0 from DreamBurrow and a Hiking backpack from the Rogue Blade Armor mod from a Fan. I added a fit to Ciel's body, an enchantment to each item, and a hair to the hood. The armor is in the chest of Ciel's house. Along with a second set of Hiking backpack, DiBella's amulet, and a spare sword for you.
3. The Sword "Blazing". Enchanted katana with serious damage. A gift for you - a second sword. It's in Ciel's trunk. (Repeat, sorry).
Ciel won't change weapons if you take the sword from him. He'll just switch to magic.
4. 10,000 gold in Ciel's inventory. He's not a greedy guy and will be happy to share it with you.
5. Home. Separate). In Riverwood))).
Now seriously.
The house will allow you to catch your breath a little.

0. Legendary edition with all additions.
1. HDT Physics Extensions - there is a place to be physics of intimate places.
2. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended.

- if you find that the physiology behaves strangely when using SL - omit (rewrite) the HDT Physics Extensions MOD IS below the Ciel Greenstone mod.
- the ivy, Cabinet and hanging shelf use vanilla textures and will look as laid out in your game.

Recommendations: Ciel responds well to any companion management mod. If you are interested in changing the distance between your/your the main character and Ciel, use the Followers As Companions mod.


1. Disable the mod in the launcher.2. Remove the ESP and BSA mod from the date.

A little "chatter":
Ciel has a complex personality. The combination of his relationship with Dovakin and mood will give a cocktail of grumbling, approval, and secret glances towards your/your main character.
I think it's interesting.


Huge gratitude: Vector, KouLeifoh, kreiste


1. Damir☪hik - for the test and patience.
2. criscross - for a beautiful screen.
3. Authors for mesh.
4. The creators of the game Skyrim.


P.S.English isn't my native language, so please excuse any mistakes.


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