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Download — USSEP - Males of Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch

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USSEP - Males of Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch

A Skyrim Special Edition patch to apply both AI Overhaul's and Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch's (USSEP) modifications to Males of Skyrim mod, which changes appearances of some of Skyrim's most known males.


These patches can be applied and updated in the middle of your walk-through.

Load the USSEP patch right after Males of Skyrim.

Load the AI Overhaul patch after all other mods - USSEP, Males of Skyrim, Males of Skyrim - USSEP Patch, AI Overhaul (and those other mods should be used at the same order as I have written them down).

If you have any other mods, which modify records of changed NPCs, another patch should be made for all mods to work.




Arthmoor for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Aberin for Males of Skyrim

Don for porting Males of Skyrim to SSE

mnikjom for AI Overhaul


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