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Download — DX Emfy Cleric Outfit Undy Patch

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DX Emfy Cleric Outfit Undy Patch

I have been absolutely fascinated with Kreis' Skimpy Refits - DX Emfy Cleric Outfit + HDT 1.0.0 which was refitted by kreiste, especially its undy. Genitals could be seen through retiform chain of the undy so his refitted one was unbelievable sexy. And I also thought that if its bulge got bigger then it would become more sexy. I appealed for kreiste to make a patch for the undy to attain my desire and he consented willingly then I upload the patch here.
This patch is simply to replace meshes and tri files of Emfy Cleric Robes in kreiste’s mods which are Regular, and Revealing, and Undies versions. 
This patch provides two files. One file is a patch with SAM Body (high poly) and the other one is a patch with Bodybuilder Body (high poly) which gets pumped up for the the SAM Body. In case of the former due to SAM Body then of course the patch has compatible with other kreiste’s Emfy Cleric Outfits of refitted equipments for SAM but in case of the latter due to bulked meshes then the patch maybe doesn’t have compatible with them though I don’t check them. Please select which one you like.
This patch doesn’t also have compatible with HDT so far. As next step I will do it. 


Kreis' Skimpy Refits - DX Emfy Cleric Outfit + HDT 1.0.0 by kreiste


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