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Download — KSO DLC2

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Bodyslide files for DLC2 armors and clothing. 

Only uploading for @Somsommi to complete their RCB refits. You probably gonna have to fix a few clippings here and there, I obviously didn't test them too much in-game; someone did told me they have CTD in Windhelm but I couldn't reproduce it on my end so you might want to be wary of it too. (I couldn't think why would you crash in Windhelm tho; the Cultist robes was definitely fine and so is the Dunmer outfits, which I believe the only 2 possible armors of DLC2 that could be present there. If you do have ctd, probably the ordering of the mesh for the Dunmer's outfits for the textureset to work) (false alarm apparently xD)

I've moved on to working on HIMBO so I couldn't find the time to manage 2 sets of armor mods for two bodies; it's just too much for me. I hope Somsommi can continue what I started. I hope to see great things from you and RCB :D

For those who didn't bother to read description; 
I couldn't offer any support for these files anymore. Think of this as my parting gift for SAM and the amazing years I've had with it.
But for now, duty calls for me to work on HIMBO. If you guys ever move to HIMBO, see you guys there :D 


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