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Download — Kaidan 2 - Replacer SAM Light (SE Only)

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Kaidan 2 - Replacer SAM Light (SE Only)



This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.  That is replacing Kaidan.  It's also been requested of me several times.   This man was so difficult to create that if he were my real husband, I probably would have divorced him already.  Okay, that's not fair.  He's too handsome to divorce.  But I would have been real mad at him for a couple of hours.


NOTE:  This is for Skyrim SE only.  I don't have LE.  If anyone can and wants to convert, go for it.



Please Read:

  1.   You will, of course, need Kaidan 2 mod.
  2.   Kaidan is using SAM Light texture add-on.
  3.   I have him using VP's High Poly Head.  If you find weird facial contortions, eye socket problems, or beard clipping when he talks, please install Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation
  4.   No, Kaidan is not using his original face tattoo.  A complete overhaul didn't allow me to use the texture.  I don't have access to it.  The truth is I didn't know how.  Please settle on the one I provided him.
  5.   Please do not come to me with Kaidan2 mod issues.  I did not create the follower mod and have no idea how to deal with his bugs.  But any other problems with him, I'm here.
  6.   I played the entire follower mod with his appearance changed and he works perfectly on my end.
  7.   I used Silent Horizons with Cathedral Weathers for my images.  I also used a few LUT's in SH, so coloring and clarity will be different for your game, depending on what ENB you use or any at all.


NOTE:  So Kaidan is forced to use the Redguard race.  I do not like the face texture, so I give him the Nord texture.

Go to your game data folder:  data/textures/actors/character/male

      Inside folder, copy malehead_msn texture file

The go to:


      Paste the malehead_msn

Overwrite file

It will give you the Nord face texture.  But it will change all Redguard face texture, which, honestly, stinks anyway.



  • Make sure you have all requirements to run Kaidan 2 and are using SE version of Skyrim


Special Thank You:

Thank you to Livetempleton for creating Kaidan!  Thank you to r1goodwin for helping me with texture issues.  And, thank you, thank you to Enroys who figured out all of Kaidan's texture and mesh problems.


Other Credits:


My Other Mods

This is my first mod over here, so I would love to know what you think of him.




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