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Download — SAM Light Ashara Prince of the Woods ( Meow version ) SE

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SAM Light Ashara Prince of the Woods ( Meow version ) SE

This is patch refit for mod Ashara Prince of the woods. First, download original mod ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18008 ) and delete folder Meshes and delete esp too. You only need folder textures for this mod. Use original mod from LE only for textures no problem at all. 

Do not reupload this mod outside Vectorplexus. Because we use SAM assets body here.

Meow version ? there is a story behind all this. Actually this refit pack belong to someone, not me. I call him Mr. Silly Meow Meow. He asked my help to refit Ashara pack for him but i told him i can't do it because i must work. Ashara pack not like usual pack. All clothes must match each other for good. Can't deny covid really bring hard moment for some people. That's why i can't make refit or modding too much lately. I even abandoned many big pack project ( such modular Hd sexy tera armor ). Suprised me, he offered good donation special for his request and he did it so i can sit down for few days and abandon my other real life extra jobs. Yesterday he told me i can share it for Vectorplexus community and consider this is his contribution for SAM Male Lovers community too. Such generous patron for our community. I tell you this so you know many people out there really care for our community too in their own way. 

In this pack, i change many names and some refit style. So when you see word Armor, Armor belt, it means for armor only. The rest for Trousers and cuirass.

I provided 3 bodybase for this mod. Naked, Trousers, Bikini ( this is special request too ). So you must use one of this bodybase to get good set. Never use HDT Naked default SAM body. This ashara meshes contain so many paired meshes. HDT really awful for this set ( bouncing belt and jelly dagger ? Nahh ) so i better provide naked body without ruin your default hdt body. Base body completely compatible with SAM Morph as usual. But as usual, don't use samson or samuel too much.

Stocking now only compatible with low boot, not high one because i refit the high boot tighter and more sexy. We always refit in SAM way not vanilla.

I will keep update this pack incase i need more perfection and more better meshes pair. For sure, i want load some thong textures later. 

Credit to ;
Ashara Prince of the woods https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18008

Mr. Silly Meow Meow.


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