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Why doesn't Vector create a Patreon for his mod?

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As the title , why doesn't he creat a patreon and we can contribute his work, Some people are doing this. 

At least we can have update or other game mod .


If anyone knows him. Please send him this message for all people who want him back . 



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Author of the topic Posted
13 hours ago, Ulfberto said:

He def considered that at this point, its not gonna happen. The truth is, vector quit modding and hes not comming back. Its not worth to keep hope's up for his return

what a pity . 

But it's glad that you re here for FO4 . 

thank you 


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Actually, Vector has a Patreon and quit the modding community without closing it or telling people on there that he left. It's still there and you can subscribe right now if you feel like it, but it's very unlikely he's ever coming back, sooo...

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20 hours ago, MattRed1996 said:

why was it he quite again?

He was fed up with the community after years of problems, basically. I also remember reading that he wanted to find steady employment, but I can't find that statement anymore if it ever existed. You can scroll through his twitter to see only a few of the things that were on his mind before he left.

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