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Download — [Team TAL] BDO Gierach SAM Light Skimpy Refit

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[Team TAL] BDO Gierach SAM Light Skimpy Refit

About this mod:

I removed most of the meshes because I like skimpy stuff, if you use extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers in the back can get messed up. The armor will not count within the body slot, so you'll be able to use it with other armors or thongs freely, that also means that using only the armor without a thong will let your character naked, the armor uses slot 46. The thong used in the screenshots does not come with the mod, it's from Kreis' Armors of Fantasia.

You can get the armor trough the AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer.



SAM High Poly Conversion - for HP body (hard requirement)

HDT BBB Bounce for SAM - for body physics (optional)



Use your mod manager or just drop the files into Skyrim Special Edition/Data

To uninstall just remove the files, it shouldn't affect your game at all since it's just an outfit, just make sure to unequip it before removing the mod.


Known Issues:

- If used with extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers will get messed up.

- It should be ok to use it without HDT-BBB and you can also use it with it.


Credits and Special Thanks:

Team TAL for the original BDO Gierach armor

KouLeifoh for both HP body and HDT BBB physics




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