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if you use SAM Morphs for Racemenu you can use the SAM Morphs (target) from your spell list to change the morphs of NPCs and apply tattoos, I personally use Ixum's Tattoos and Tattoo Model Suicide Girl Race Menu, both of them are for Oldrim but they're compatible with SSE too, if it bothers you, you can open the .esp from both of them in the CK to convert them to form 44, even though I believe it's not necessary, they will work just fine. 

The Suicide Tattoos are made for female characters but all of the body tattoos work just fine for males, the face ones don't work too well. Ixum's Tattoos were made especially for males.

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The Tattoo / Warpain by DomainWolf works with SAM as well. ;) I told him back then to make Male Versions and he made it for SAM, but I believe it would work with SOS too. 

Also yeah, that for the Followers SAM Morphs for Racemenu.

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