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For SE, SOS is still a better framework for handling the Schlongs (and for compatibility with most adult mods) since SAM Light is just a body replacer and doesn't have any of the scripts that make up SAM LE's functionalities. As far as body quality goes, SAM is the superior option by a long shot, especially so if you like larger guys. So much that I'm still using it's meshes and textures, although I've long refitted everything I use to use Kreiste's HIMBO sliders which are awesome for customization.

You can still use SOS with SAM assets quite easily, although sometimes you'll have to make minor adjustments to things by yourself since most armors aren't built with both mods in mind, but the SOS patch in the download section that makes using them together it a lot easier. I have been using that setup for a long time and it has always worked great.

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