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XSoldier Workout/Gene Tharapy Time Workaround.

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Hey everyone, as you all know if you are using the Immersive or Stat Progression version of XSoldier, you know that to level your individual Soldier's build you have to workout your grunt for 5 days. This is a long time for a Soldier to be out of commission for a minor stat boost in the Stat version or nothing at all but aesthetics in the Immersive version.

Anyway when I was playing around in the DefaultGameData.ini file I discovered that  "XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays" and "XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays" both affect the workout and gene therapy timers as well. 

So if you want to reduce (or increase) the time your soldiers are away working on their bodies, edit these two values


XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[0]=1 ;Easy
XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[1]=1 ;Normal
XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[2]=1 ;Classic
XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[3]=1 ;Impossible

XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[0]=1 ;Easy
XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[1]=1 ;Normal
XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[2]=1 ;Classic
XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[3]=1 ;Impossible

The first set will change the number of days it takes for your Soldier to workout and the second set will change the number of days for Gene Therapy.

By default this will be set to 5 (meaning it takes five days for this task to complete) but this is straight from my .ini file. A warning though this may unbalance your game so take that into consideration if you care. 

Good luck and happy modding!


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