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Please, I need help.

I have a problem with Skyrim SE (PC). I'm using SAM Light and poly conversion and also textures for Sam Light. Everything worked fine untill few days ago. My character's body turned from normal pink skin color (human), to metallic gold (like golden statue). Except feet and hands stayed normal. So I played around in Racemenu and noticed that when I raise Body Specular within SAM morph (or in Racemenu) and lower it back, body turns normal pink skin. So if I set SAM bodymorph's Body specular from 1 to 2 (or 0 to 1 - can't remember lowest number) and than form 2 to 1 (or 1 to 0), body becomes normal. So after I save this, body stays normal untill I change dress or armor. After that (changing armor or dress) body gets that Metallic gold skin back. 

I tired everything, from reinstalling SAM (all things), to reinstalling other body mods (that I use for NPCS), Racemenu,.. Nothing helps. And this problem started few days ago. 

What else can I try to fix this problem? If I can't fix it, I will have to uninstall SAM and go back to SOS. 

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Author of the topic Posted

To better understand my problem, here is the picture. 

I was thinking that I can solve the problem by putting Body Specular to 1 so that chracter would have this shiny skin and save him with shiny skin. and than put Body specular to 0 so that shiny skin will be gone. But same thing as before. It is normal untill I change dress or armor. Than I'm back to shiny skin. 


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The SAM Morphs for RaceMenu mod does not include textures for the SAM Texture tab (it's literally in the description).  The issue you're having is when you're trying to use textures you don't actually have (body turns purple for missing diffuse, flat for missing normal, super shiny for missing specular).  Leave them all at zero and use the SAM Morphs config spell to reset all textures as a last resort.  If the issue persists, then it's caused by another mod or a RaceMenu preset.

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May I ask you, are you using  a custom race with the SAM Body? For example, COtR races (which looks like it)

I use COtR and have a similar issue, it happens because the preset misses the malebody_1_s.dds texture in the lines of the .jslot of the preset.

So you'll have to open the preset in Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets as a notepad, hit F3 and search for skinOverrides, if the data field is empty then that's the problem, just paste the directory of where your malebody_1_s.dds is, which should be "textures\\actors\\character\\male\\malebody_1_s.dds", and then save and reapply the preset to your character, it should fix it.

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