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vamp lord

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This clearly has something to do with SAM files being overwritten by another mod’s files, particularly skeleton and/or Vampire Lord meshes. The solution is to overwrite all Vampire Lord-related files from SAM assets.

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@imfasterke A mod that you mentioned in the first post can’t cause this. But a little bit of theory first:


Overwriting is the process of replacing something old with something new. Regarding mod installation, you have to bear this concept in mind: when you modify some game assets, you replace old assets (meshes, textures, animations, scripts, audio, etc — basically everything the game consists of) with those you want to see in game.

However, due to the complexity of the system that Skyrim is, developers provide a framework and the tools for making modding easier and more structured. Thus, you don’t have to actually replace game assets. When you install the mod, you simply copy some files in the game’s folder, and because those files have a higher priority over game’s archives (.bsa files), game uses those instead (they load later according to load order). That might not be the case if you have mods that modify identical assets simultaneously.

Basically, mods can be represented either:

  • by ‘loose’ file(s) only that go in /Data/ folder,
  • by a .esm/.esp plugin and a collection of associated loose files, or
  • by a plugin file with a .bsa archive alongside that contains all required assets.

Traditionally, loose files always have the highest priority. Although you can have several .bsa archives that modify the same game resources, you can have only 1 loose file of the same name and path due to the way how file system works. Mod Organizer, though, completely redefines the way mods take precedence over each other.

Depending on how you install mods (manually or via mod managers), you may encounter an alert that you are overwriting existing files during mod installation or having mod conflicts. Replacing files of one mod with another’s is one of the most common reasons why mods don’t work as expected.

Another case (where mod’s assets are in a .bsa archive) involve resolving problems with load order. There’re tools that correct a number of common issues related to load order, most notably, LOOT. You might have to manually change load order depending on how custom your mod setup is, though.

SAM uses loose file structure. So, if you installed SAM manually or via NMM, this means you’d better to copy over related Vampire Lord loose files into /Data/Meshes/Actors/vampirelord/character assets folder and agree to replace existing files. Double-check your /Data/Meshes/Actors/vampirelord/character assets/skeleton.nif is from SAM Core package. This ensures all essential SAM Vampire Lord files are in place.
If you use MO, make sure Vampire Lord related files from SAM Core (Data/Meshes/Actors/vampirelord/character assets) take priority.

Also, to fix some odd behavior left, you may have to put SAM lower in load order, though this is not the reason you’re experiencing the problem with your Vampire Lord.

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so i have to reinstall sam mod and copy the skeleton vamp lord in to other mod

(srry im hard to understand sometimes)

oh i just reinstall so that it wil be bottom and fix it tnx

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@imfasterke Basically, yes, but you copy Vampire Lord files from SAM not "in to other mod", but rather in your game’s Data/ directory (if you have installed your mods manually, by Nexus Mod Manager or Wrye Bash; see above in my previous post). If you use Mod Organizer, your procedure will drastically differ.

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