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Download — BDOR Pack I SSE

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This is an armor pack with outfits ported from the game Black Desert Online Remastered.

There are 10 sets of armors in this pack, all of them are for male characters, designed for SAM body.


Some of the armors in this pack are done by Team TAL, link to their patreon.

Some of the armors I finished last year, and I did a full texture retouch. You can easily see the difference.




Here are some videos to help you preview the whole pack.

Additionally, you can subscribe to my patreon for a bonus pack,

containing weapons to go with the set and a custom horse.


Original work from Black Desert Online Remastered, by Pearl Abyss

Meshes and texture of Berserk, Crowned Eagle, Gierach, Mueburus by Team TAL

Other meshes, textures, physics, esp writing, shader tweaks, refitting by Me

Many thanks to my patrons. 50 patrons in one month? Insane.


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Hi, I love the appearances of the mods, but I am having a slight problem. Any of the armors that are SAM pieces that take over the upper and lower halves of the character just don't move at all with the character's animations. If I have the lower body pieces on, my character's upper body will do the walk animation, but the lower body just looks like it's floating. Inversely, if I have the upper body on but not the lower body, the legs and hands do the walk animation, but the upper body is just stiff.

I have already tried running FNIS again to see if that is the issue, but it did not help at all. The physics pieces, like capes, are working fine; my problem is with the SAM-enabled body pieces themselves.

Thank you in advance.

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