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Download — Beards of Power - 3D Real Beards with collision

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Beards of Power - 3D Real Beards with collision


This is for SSE

These are beards from the mod Beards of Power by Mharlek1.
I picked 10 and made physics for them.

So now they collide with your character's armor/body
and will flow slightly when you walk.

Note that they come in the form of equipments.
Get them in game with additemmenu.


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I install the mod and notice I cannot equip it. After playing around with so many save files, I notice that Devious Device is preventing me from equiping it. Uninstall it because I don't use it and able to equip it. 

Edit - I notice when playing Orc race is kinda odd on all 10 beard. The mustache is either inside the mouth or inside the head lmao. Please see attached 

          Is there a way to fix this?


Edited by damitzadam

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