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Since I'm going to change my PC and reinstall all mods, I'll make a list of links that I found that might be useful to me or someone

****First BODY(SAM😞

Main Mods:

****SAM Morphs for RaceMenu*****: (Very useful, but optional)

Can be used to load textures other than the original, up to 10(diffuse,normal and specular)

remembering to rename each file Ex.: malebody_1.dds to malebody_01.dds up to 10 (Better details on the mod's main page)

****Textures to use with Racemenu SAM Morphs:



As main texture i use SAM Light Texture Add-on without the tanline (I see if i can make work)


With the normal Sandow PP Ripped Bodies SAM textures it can be used as a simple complement OR as a alternative which is automatically applied to the default texture based on its weight.

*its use this maps(More on main page)


**Diffuse(alternative texture) use with Racemenu

  • 05 Textures (hairy level)(Need to convert and rename)
  • 05 Textures (hairy level)(Need to rename)
  • 01 Skysight(Need to rename)
  • 01 Vitruvia(Need to rename)
  • I recommend creating an empty mod and putting textures in it. on the same path as the main
  • or place directly on the texture file


****If you like to use female armor without have to convert, A Femboy is a great option( have all the male characteristics like pronouns)



***using cbbe to create FEMBOYS WILL MAKE ALL FEMALE FEMBOYS *** use unique player to make only you

**the Thelewdgooberkitty69 in LoversLab created a direct download here**

***FEMBOY mods:

BODY Only(With CBBE Outfit) :




******************* I will edit and add more later. this is my first post tell me if something's wrong thank you


Edited by ArlossC

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Hi. New here. I'm trying to play Skyrim again after I don't know how many years (and to see if I ever finish it) and I'm dipping mods like a maniac in several attempts (I've already deleted load orders 3 times). I want to try Ostim, OSex and OSA and Flower Girl Framework and their quests: I have already seen that Osex and Osa are compatible with Flower girls framework (I still have to investigate with Ostim). I have found that they complement each other and work well. There is even an option in the Flower Girls fomod installation that asks if you have Osex installed.

I've decided to spice it up along with the typical collection of hundreds of immersion, beautification, quest, and survival mods. Finally I decided to create a list of mods with a trend that caught my attention in nexus that wasn't there the last time I was modding with Skyrim: the cathedral way or something like that. But with a spicy touch as I said. I have even seen some very interesting new tools like Synthesis and Mator Bash (I used to use LOOT and Wyre Bash). Oh, oh, oh. And the most exciting: templates that automatically install mod lists automatically (Wabbajack or Nolvus for example). Amazing how this modding thing has changed in Skyrim.

I've been reading forums, here and on LL and on Nexus, countless descriptions of mods also in Nexus, trying out guides for modding Skyrim SE, brushing up on Skyrim modding, using tools etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Phew... It's exhausting... and addictive.  So, in the end I've decided to go for SAM for men and CBBE for women on the side of an 'adult' modding Skyrim. I'm afraid that I'll have more fun modding Skyrim than playing it. 


Anyway. Cool. I'm going to try what you say. But I have a doubt...  What about all the refit outfit mods for SAM SE that are in the download section? Do I download them too?


For example this:


Or is refit already included in one of the mods in your list? I have seen that when I installed CBBE there was an option to refit (I understand all vanilla clothing and armor) for that body, does the same thing happen with one of the mods listed above? Maybe I have seen the option in Schlong of SAM Light - Continuation? I don't know. I think I thought I did, one of the options was on that fomod installation, but I'm not sure.

Thank you very much and best regards.

P.S. Sorry for my English

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