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SAM isnt showing up in the MCM

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I forgot to note that SAM still works, as some of my male characters that ive saved through Racemenu still have their bodytypes.

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I had this issue a few months back.

From the main menu I used the console command "coc riverwood" to start a new game from riverwood to test a few things out. And then I noticed that SAM didn't want to work, even the schlong was gone.

The only thing that I had recently updated was FloppySoS version 2.3. I rolled back to 2.2 and SAM worked again.

This has occured to me every now and then, but it Always solves it by itself, I usually just restart the game till it works for me. Haven't experienced it in a while now.

Note. Nothing worked for me, the schlong, the body morphs. all was gone. It was like SAM wasne't even installed.

I cant really help you out though as I haven't had this issue with just the MCM not showing. But I thought I'd share my experience.

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