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[Guide] How to add mod armor/cloth into leveled list for npcs (direct edit using FO4Edit)

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This guide is aimed for people who want to see other human npcs (settlers, minutemen or raiders, etc) to wear mod added armors and clothings. There are basically two methods to achieve this, direct edit or scripts.

Since I am usually using direct edit method to inject mod armors into leveled lists, which is simple and intuitional, so this guide only shows how to inject into leveled list by direct editing in FO4Edit (also feasible in CK). For scripts, I will explain in another topic maybe.  

Software Requirements

  1. FO4Edit
  2. Mod Organizer 2

Skill Requirements

  1. Basic knowledge of different factions in Fallout 4 game
  2. How to do a merged patch to fix conflicts of leveled list. (Check this: Link)


  1. In this guide, I am gonna use "Faction Jockstraps - Atomic Muscle Refit" by Ulfberto to add into leveled list. 
  2. You should already have FO4Edit executable from MO2. Google it if not yet. 

Step I - Check Armor Addon and Armor

  1. Open FO4Edit from MO2, only check Fallout4.esm and Jocks.esp, and then click OK. We should have the same as below: 


  2.  Open Armor Addon and Armor sections in Jocks.esp. So we will have idea about which armors and clothings are inside this .esp. As shown in the screenshot below, it is obvious that there are four kinds of jockstraps and four pairs of shoes inside this mod, which we can tell by their EditorID and Name. But some mods may have implicit names. 


  3. Now, we should think about which stuff we want to add into leveled lists, and to add to which factions. In this guide, I decide to add "Jockstraps (MM)" into Minutemen's leveled lists. So first, we need to click on the corresponding entry "00_AAMMJock"  in Armor Addon section. Then on the right there will appear all the subentries (Pic below). We need to check three things here. First, which slot is it using? It is using Body[33] slot; Second, which race does it support? Human race; Last, doest it have both male model and female model? Only male. 


  4. The body slot which is used by our mod armor or clothing we should remember it. The supported race is human so it means we can add this clothing to humans. Only male world model but no female world model would cause problems when adding to leveled lists (naked female minutemen spawn). You can simply add a minuteman outfit female model nif file path into female world model as below (I will post how to do it later inside this thread). This can be ignored though, since I don't really care about what female wears. 



Step II - Outfit and Leveled List

  1.  Now we start to add this jockstrap into minutemen's leveled lists. Go to Fallout4.esm, expand it and find Outfit section. Then expand Outfit section. (Pic Below)


  2. In these entries, we need to find which one(s) has minutemen in its EditorID. Luckily there are not a lot of entries inside Outfit section, so it is easy to find the entries related to minutemen (tip: left click "EditorID" on the top so it will sort by alphabet). Now we have found these entries related to Minutemen: 


  3. Each entry defines the outfit for a certain type of npc from Minutemen Faction. To be clearer about it, we need to click each entry, and check on the right panel "Rerefence by" page to figure it out. 


  4. After checking "Reference by" pages of each Outfit entry, we find that "MinutemanOutfit" is used by minutemen, while "MinutemanOutfitNoHat" is used by settlers.  So we should add our jockstrap into "MinutemanOutfit" entry. Now back to "View" page of "MinutemanOutfit", we find that this outfit is composed of two parts: hat + cloth or armor (Pic Below). Since our jockstrap uses Body[33] slot, so it should go into "LL_Minutemen_Clothes_or_Armor [LVLI:001BF0CD]" this leveled list, instead of the other one related to hat (using [31] and [32] slots). 


  5. "Ctrl" + Left click "LL_Minutemen_Clothes_or_Armor [LVLI:001BF0CD]". Now we jump to the leveled list section. The subentries are shown on the right (Pic below). Now we should focus on these subentries and understand them.  


  6.  We can see that there are four entries inside this leveled list, and each entry points to another leveled list. Basically, there are three identical leveled lists named "LL_Minutemen_Clothes [LVLI:001CA152]", and one named "LL_Minutemen_Armored [LVLI:001BF0CC]". This means that, the items from "LL_Minutemen_Clothes" have a chance of 75% to appear on a minuteman, while items in "LL_Minutemen_Armored" have a chance of 25% to appear on a minuteman. For "level" and "count", we just leave them by default as 1, since there is no sense that a minuteman wears two jockstraps, neither does the level matter because it is just a jockstrap. 
  7. After understanding this leveled list, we confirm that this is the leveled list we want to edit. Right click "LL_Minutemen_Clothes_or_Armor" and select "copy as override into". In the new window, select <new file>.esp - ESL (Pic below). Click OK, and rename our new .esp as "Jocks - Leveled List". Now we have create an esl flagged .esp file, where we will do our edits and define how to inject jockstraps into minuteman outfit. (You can also copy as override into Jocks.esp file, but it is not recommended because if the author of that mod updates it, you will lose everything after update. ) 



  8. Close FO4Edit and save our new Jocks - Leveled List.esp. 
  9. Back to mod organiser 2, click "Refresh Button" on the top. Now you will notice our new esp shows up at the bottom of our load order. Make sure it is under "Jocks.esp". Check it, and then we open FO4Edit again. In FO4Edit, our new esp should be under "Jocks.esp" as well. (Pic below) 



  10. Expand our new .esp, and expand "Jocks.esp", locate the clothing we want to add into leveled list in Armor Section, we will need its FormID. (Pic below)


  11. Now click "LL_Minutemen_Clothes_or_Armor" in our new esp, on the right panel, follow the steps in pic below: 


  12. Now we have created a new entry inside this leveled list, but there is no item specified yet, hence "Null Reference".


  13. Now, we want to add our jockstrap's FormID into this entry. But before doing this, we must add "Jocks.esp" as master to our new esp. Do like this (pic below): 



  14. Now, we can add our Jockstrap into the leveled list finally. Simply type the FormID of Jockstrap into the "Null Reference" field. Set "level" and "count" to 1. For "chance none" field, it means that we have 0 possibility that this clothing will not show on npcs. Since this is outfit leveled list instead of random drops, we leave this field as 0 by default.  So this leveled list means that there is 20% chance that a minuteman will wear Jockstrap. 


  15. Everything is done. Save our new .esp and close FO4Edit. Now we need to test in game. 

Step III - Test in Game

  1.  Google the minuteman FormID 001243CE. Copy it somewhere. 


  2. Make sure you have Jocks.esp and our new esp checked, and new esp is below Jocks.esp. Then enter the game. 
  3. Once enter into a game, open console by ~, type "player.placeatme 001243CE 20" (without quotes). Wait some seconds, there will be 20 minutemen spawning near you gradually. Check if some of them are wearing Jockstrap.
  4. Nice! The chance also looks like 20% or so. We have successfully injected Jockstrap into leveled list! 
  5. Remember this kind of direct edit to leveled list might require a merged patch. But it is very easy to do a merged patch inside FO4Edit. Check the link I posted in requirements. 




Edited by g12

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