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Download — SAM SE Dizona Primal HDT SMP

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SAM SE Dizona Primal HDT SMP

Dizona primal always my favorite mod since LE. At that time, hdt smp still something rare for community.

Our friend here, LILYRIM willingly to upgrade this Dizona Primal with HDT SMP + Genital Collision so SAM community can enjoy the best from this Dizona Primal. Lilyrim also fix some stuff from my mod to make it more compatible with HDT SMP too. Credit to Lilyrim for this update hdt + genital collision. I tested it and it's outstanding.

Please enjoy this new Dizona Primal and for whatever reason I will let old dizona primal there because maybe LE users need it ( conversion stuff ). It's not possible convert this version to LE without crazy efforts.


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