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From the description on the mod's page:





After launching the game for the first time, the game will create a new ini file on your documents folder called XComXSoldier.ini. You can edit the options by using any simple text editor:

  • iVersion - Internal variable, don't change it unless you want for the default configs to be reloaded again. in that case, set it to 0
  • bImmersive - False or True, read further down about the mod modes
  • bEnableStatProgression - False or True, read further down about the mod modes
  • bEnableWeightLoss - True or False, will cause soldiers that return injured from battle to loose weight (it will most likely be deprecated in the future)
  • fMorphStrength - float ranging from 0.0 to 1.0, acts as a multiplier to change the slider/weight range. 0 will "disable" it ofc, has no effect with values bigger than 1.0
  • iWorkoutStep - intenger, weight gained by each training session at the GTS
  • iGeneTherapyStep - intenger, deprecated
  • iWoundStep - intenger, value of the Weight lost when a soldier returns Gravely Wounded from battle
  • iWorkoutCap - intenger, should be set between 0 and 100. the value at which working out no longer increases weight, without Gene Therapy
  • iReqGeneBerseker - intenger, number of Berserker Corpses consumed each time by Gene Therapy
  • GeneTechReq - Tech requirement to be able to use Gene Therapy. If set to none, will disable the requirement
  • Levels - These are the stats that each Body level should have. They are not cummulative, so if you want to have +2 HP at Level1, and then gain +2 when you hit Level2, the amount you should specify on Level2, is the total of 4.
  • CPSoldier - This is where Weights from the Character Pool are stored. For example: CPSoldier=(SoldierName="Chris Redfield",Weight=70)


Mod includes 3 modes:

  • Normal: Even though some gameplay options are still present, they become irrelevant since the slider will be fully functional in both Character Pool(CP) and in game.
  • Immersive: This option allows only to increase the soldier's weight by training them. Characters that are imported from the CP will also have their weight setting imported.
  • StatProgression: Same as above, but CP weights will not get imported. Will enable a mini rank/subclass leveling system that will change stats on soldiers the bigger they get, and also add new abilites.

Edit the config file (XComXSoldier.ini). If you're just wanting to set the slider yourself I guess you have to set "bImmersive" and "bEnableStatProgression" to false? I do not have XCOM 2 and obviously haven't used XSoldier because of that, but from Vector's description I assume that's all you have to do.

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I have the same issue, and both bImmersive and bEnableStatProgression are set to false in XComXSoldier_DefaultConfig.ini

I only have the base game, no DLC, nothing. Is there something I'm missing to have the normal mode (unless it is unlocked at some point in the story)?

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I think you need Alien Hunters DLC for the mod to work properly. Other than that, not sure what to recommend.

Edit: Also hey and welcome to the forums. :)

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Even with the DLC, I wind up with the same issue. Furthermore, even if both immersive and statprogression are set to false, my soldiers still have the stat changes.

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Hmm I haven't had chance to play with the mod myself but all I can really think of trying is starting a new campaign and maybe re-installing the mod in case something derped up along the way?

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You have to download the legacy mod manager for the game. Once installed, it will be an option under “mod settings” in the options menu. Make sure the immersive experience is unchecked and youll be able to move the slider. 

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