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Invisible Heads for XSoldier, Please

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After playing around with the XSoldier MOD I must say its impressive work.  I did find that for some reason custom heads from other mods crash my game while using XSoldier; I know it has something to do with XSoldier and its soldier morphs.  I and probably many others use other mods to turn certain soldiers into space robots or Batman and not having a working invisible head really just leads to head clipping nightmares. 

Vector, next time you work on XSoldier please think about implementing invisible heads.  Its probably really easy since so many other mods do it but after tons of reading I still can't figure out how.

Also, SUPER excited for the new War of the Chosen DLC.  I hope XSoldier works with it but will probably need updating.

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I seriously doubt I will do that, because Invisible Heads is JUST WRONG!!! In fact, at some point, the dev team changed how heads work, just to allow new heads, also because I talked to Ryan McFall about that. I'm not going to sacrifice my design, just because everyone else is doing it wrong. It's up to the others to do whats right. Besides custom heads will never work with XSoldier because they dont have morphs implemented

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