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Followers - Rekagar & Kura

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I had some people asking if they could use some of my characters as companions so I'm just uploading them here for you guys.

Rekagar: Half-Orc Skald, wears light armour and carries a big axe. Can be found in the bard's college in Solitude. Required Mods:



Kura: Demonic mage of some variety (seems to enjoy fire at least). You can find him near the Atronach Stone. Required Mods:



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On 23.10.2017 at 3:43 PM, saka83838383 said:

Kura looks so gorgeous! thank you for sharing.

No problem, I'm glad you like him. :D You'll have to show him off in your game some time.

Also a a note for everyone, I've been asked to move these guys over to the downloads section and afterwards this thread will be deleted to keep the site clean.


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