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Xsoldier bug

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Hello all the world.
Recently I have purchase Xcom2, but something displeases me in this game which adorned me brilliant.
I had a bug which makes that, when I turn or what I puts one certain mod to modify the corpulence of this dear soldier, the neck and the arms " come loose " as if that textures do not manage to calculate the whole to have no this problem, also for the objects which cross the ground...
I have all the last drivers for my materia and I have more that the minimal requisition for the game.

Screen of the problem: https: // imgur.com / ha / 8iQGv (that disturbs me many to have this problem).

Thank you of all your future solutions in my to propose and so, of your courtesy.


(PS : I use a traductor, I'm not good in english).

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The ReadMe on bot XSoldier and XSoldier Outfit Limiter explain the issue. But I'll explain again. Each armor piece must be individually and manually refitted, its a lot of manual work, so I havent done ALL the armor parts (and most likely will never do them all). I might do more parts in the future, but thats on... cold storage for now.

The purpose of the Outfit Limiter is precisely to remove from the game, the armor parts that are not refitted so you wont have that, although it will reduce the available parts.

I hope that was clear.

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OK, so I have to replace everything in files corresponding to what contains the archive (.zip) ? Or just the armor ? (And I do download the "Xsoldier Outfit Limiter" ? Because, the Xsoldier + the Xsoldier Outfit Limiter = option "weight" are invisible).

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