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Cannot have soldier work out

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So I reset a soldier of mine that I wanted as a psi operative by using commands. He was already 50 when I did and that also removes the gained weight. I had the psi place unlocked and had him in the thing (I can't remember what you call them) to get a power. I went to the workout place and saw that he was available to increase weight. I selected him and I saw that the psi place still had a soldier in it. That's the first bug that I know. And there was no way to remove him from it. I had to remove the psi place and build it again. I then proceeded to have him workout to get back to 50 but once he got to 40 I was no longer able to add him to the workout place. 

I know I can end up removing the options to disable manually changing weight. But this is a bug report. 

While possible it's not a problem with this mod, there might be a bug that stops a soldier from getting certain powers if others are done before them. Sometimes I can't select them. 

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I all so had a question. The GTS will only let me gain muscle witch is fine but i also want to gain the other abilities  my soldiers can get but it looks like xsoldier replaced it for the gain weight so i cant get those abilities at all. Can someone fix this? Or make mod that let me do both! Please and thank u

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