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Help with Sam, followers reset body everytime I reload

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Hello, I hadn't noticed but my followers except one, (Bishop from the Skyrim Romance mod) reset their configuration everytime I load my save don't know why =/, thank you for your help in advance!

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Did you ever find a solution? This is an extremely irritating issue for me because my follower's SAM values won't reset unless the change their armor slot or if I manually change the value.

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If I gave an armor to a custom follower i made and reloaded my game after quitting then his body would be rest to 0 even though I maxed out his SAM values, i'd only be able to temporarily fix it by going into the MCM and changing the values individually, sometimes reloading through a door would fix this issue or taking off the slot 32 armor.

BUT I did find that the follower mod Inigo wouldn't reset if I reloaded him. If i set him to 100 samuel, even with armor on, he'd still keep that shape. What magical secrets does the loveable rogue hold?! And i tried something risky and I changed his race to an argonian and he still functions (although theres a weird glitch with skyrim creation kit where editted argonians have grey heads no matter what, so I had to make his skin match). I managed to change his weight ratio using in-game console commands (doing through creation kit won't work) from 50 to 100 by using SETNPCWEIGHT 100 (if you have a mouse wheel hover your mouse over him and scroll till you see his name whilst in the console command screen), however when i did his face turned complely white (pretty much the creation kit glitch again) even when i went through a door but don't be alarmed; if you save, quit from skyrim and reload the save his face will be back to normal blue IF you haven't editted his face or race.

I have no idea if this works for other modded followers or vanilla followers all I know is that I made a basic follower who kept resetting his appearance after i quit skyrim if he wore anything in slot 32. I would've recommended familiar faces but that shit is a buggy mess and doesn't properly support SAM in my experience as my playercharacter-follower would be an abomination unless i used the most basic values in Racemenu and his abs never showed unless... You guessed it, changed his individual values in the MCM menu.

Most of us surely have buff followers and there surely HAS to be an easier solution than frankensteining poor Inigo!

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If you run sos along with SAM then the pen slider in SAM will not work.
    There could be two things happening but I'm no expert

          1. you have another mod that's using Ni-nodes like inflation framework or sexlab deadly drain or  something like that acting on the bodies trying to change the  values.
           2.  Your followers have armors that are particular to the body made for them.

Kaiden  a very popular follower on the nexus has armors that are made with overlays and with a particular body integrated with his armors. If I use SAM and he's wearing his custom armor then the body will reset.

This is what you can do to force an actor to always have a particular value with SAM:

 Make a profile bro (in SAM's menu)... export it  ..... then import it when you load your game. Everyone gets the particular proportions you've assigned to them through SAM.

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