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Stat Progression and Immersive mode at the same time

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Hey everyone,

I'm really enjoying XSoldier, it adds a lot of fun gameplay.

My only issue with it is that I can't use stat progression mode and immersive mode at the same time. I want my soldiers to import their predefined weights from the character pool, but I also want to be able to level them up further and use the special abilities in-game. I tried setting both settings to true in the config file, but it hasn't worked. 

Is there any way to do this? Would it be difficult to add a mode like this to the mod? 

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IMO, Allowing you to import your soldier's weight in stat progression would defeat the purpose of that mode...

It allows your soldier's appearance to have a significant effect on gameplay, so allowing you to import a character with a weight of 100 from the CP right off the bat is really unbalanced.

Though if you really want to speed up the gain in weight, you could always go to the XcomGameData.ini file and set one of the XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays properties to 0, so your soldier can instantly workout and gain a weight level.


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Well, the way I've done it is to only make a few characters in my pool have 100 weight (I have a pretty large character pool) that way it's more of a rare thing, and most of the other ones have lower weights. I'd just like a bit more starting diversity personally. 

Thanks for the work-around, it's pretty helpful, I'll probably use that for the time being. It would be really nice to see a new game mode in the mod like I described, though.

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to add it in myself? I've been looking in the mods files and I can see where the scripts control the different modes, but I'm having a hard time compiling them. I have very little experience with coding.

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