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Hello everyone.I,ve got XCOM 2 two days ago and i need help installing Vector's XCOM2 mods its my first time so i,m not to sure how to go about it,for one i do not have a file name Mods after


steam/steamapps/common/XCOM2/XComGame/.and also do i need some sort of tools like mod organiser or nexus mods manager to have mods for this game.It would be greatly appreciated please and thank you

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Just  in case this bites someone else in the butt I wanted to share something I found.

Was trying to place Xcom2 vanilla with the Xsoldier mod.(I made sure I only had the vanilla version installed per the install instructions) But the game was crashing on load.

What I discovered was that XCOM2 was crashing because I had both versions for the MCM menu Mod installed even thought I only checked the Vanilla version in the loader.

Make sure you only install the MCM menu for the version of Xcom you are playing delete any other version. (May have been newb error on my  part.)

Vector mentions that if you are  upgrading to the version WoTC Xsoldier you need  to make sure and  uninstall the Vanilla version or you will crash, very hand tip it helped me track this issue down as well.

Love this Mod! I have my beefy Australian squad leader, yum!

Also  thanks for the Nexus Mod Manger tip Vfblitz, made installing mods a snap!


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