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Is Vector still alive ?

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Tried to write him on this forum and on patreon as one of his patrons.

No response.

When i check his profile here it says he loged in last time in October "22, 2016".

Ive seen he responded on some topics back in 2017, but i dont think ive seen something recent 

Was not this supposed to be his forum?

I mean the main reason why I became on of is patrons was because of sam and that he stated he planed sam once SKSE for Skrim SE works.

Is there anyone on this forum that actually knows him ?

Normally id put it into the patreon section, but not sure who has access, so trying here to have a higher chance of getting answers.

  • October 22, 2016

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He's alive, I think. If something bad happened to him I think shiny would have told us. But according to his twitter he is not releasing mods anymore.

I don't think everything that SAM needs has been completed for Skyrim SE yet, so he couldn't start work on that right now anyway.

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