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Making armors that have single weight output load high/low weight output?

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I'm currently working on refitting this armor called kadan armor.

It only has one .nif file for each pieces of equipment, and I'm trying to make it load nifs with hight/low weight meshes instead.

I tried to just jam the nifs into the meshes folder and it doesn't load ingame. Any ideas?

I included the original mod and the refitted mesh in the files.

Monkadan Refitted Mesh.rar

IcyKadan Vindictus v1.2.rar

Edit: I got the weight slider working with TES5EDIT.

This looks like crap refitted though. In game it looks really bad.

Would not spend another hour doing shit like this again PepeHands


Just hosting some imgs nothing to see here yall



enb 2018_09_08 22_19_24_19.jpg

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