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Looking for tutorial on applying vertex weight to armors.

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So before you go ??? on the title.

Let me do a little bit of explaining.

It's not news that people have been transporting armors from other games into skyrim, from vindictus, BDO, bless, blah blah blah

But the majority of them are female armors. So I wanted to do a few male ones.

I set my eyes on vindictus because I played it as a kid and a lot of armors looks pretty dope,

a few examples:


They would definitely look sick in skyrim with all the ENB lighting, etc.

Anyway I did some research and got all the models and textures extracted from Vindictus.

Also I did some more research and now I know all the steps to convert these into Skyrim

Basically, line them up with the skyrim body mesh,

apply vertex weight to the mesh so skyrim knows how mesh move in game

apply the textures on them, and use creation kit to add them as a mod.

So now I'm basically stuck at the apply weight/skinning data part, I'm still searching up tutorials here and there, but I though might as well see if

there are people in this forum that could give some help on this.

Obviously a hand by hand teaching style would be ideal, but just something basic would help as well.

If you want something in return though, I'm open to it. Just message me privately.

Some more knowledge on how to put on the textures, and, applying HDT to gears would also be appreciated.

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