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CTD because of SAMRevealing if weight=100

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i have a Problem with SAMRevealing when i edit some Armor.  Some days bevor i had a similar problem, but i solved it, but now i tested my armor in the testingchamber. (reached by coc qasmoke)
i refited the bandit armor and changed the textur. everything goes well if i have a wight under 100. There is HDT and there is some revealing stuf. but if the slider goes up to 100 my game crashes.  i dont know why, because the number of vertices is not changing. Can somebody help me out?
I add the refited Armor and Texture, for now there is clipping, but the things are only for me and i will deal with it later, for now i would like to have no crashing games.

If someone could help me, you have to add SAMRevealing if you want to reproduce the problem :(














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It would be best if you could upload the version that is making you crash, with SAMrevealing already added. I hope this doesn't sound lazy but I don't want to go and add it myself to all those armors just to test it out for you, I'm sure others won't feel like doing it either. Also if you could put them in proper folder path that would be cool as well 😁

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Okay, I put the armors in my game and I did crash at 100 weight. There was also a gap between the body and the schlong.

I'm not sure what the problem is, but I replaced the SAMBody and the SAMRevealing with the ones that I always use, and it fixed both the crash and the gap for me.

So here's what you'll need to do with this:

Test in your game to see if this armor works without crashing (make sure you test the right variant, I only fixed 1. The other 3 will still make you crash)

If it works, then delete SAMBody and SAMRevealing in the other 3 armors and replace them with the ones from the fixed armor. Make sure you move SAMBody up to the same position it had before.


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