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Face&neck/body coloring mismatch on new game

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New game, new problem, confessession of an amature mod user who probably wants more mods than he can handle....

I started a new game recently in order to upgrade BBLS (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11427) a mod I've always loved but hadn't updated since '13 and the new version required a new game.  But, immediately after starting the new game I noticed discoloration between body and the head & neck. It happens to vanilla NPCs and modded NPCs (haven't noticed discoloration for my PC but there is a neck seam, no gap, that I never saw on previous playthrough).  Examples attached. 

I've been digging around here, Nexus, LL but haven't had much luck in resolution for this particular circumstance - I either find people talking mostly about gaps with armor or coloring issues when using the CK.  I'm sure I'm not the first person running into this issue so any wisdom out there to share, I'm all ears!!! Seriously.... I'm totally ready to sink 100+ hrs into a new game just want it set up right! Thanks in advance!  Below is what I've tried so far to resolve, with no success... 

(Keeping up with FNIS and LOOT along the way). 

Fresh install of SAM

Remove Female Facial Animation

Remove Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi – Variant – A

Remove Fine Face Textures for SAM

Enabled SAM Younger Genonox

Removed SAM Younger Genonox

Removed HDT

Reinstall HDT

Reinstalled XP 32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

Reinstalled Female Facial Animation

Reinstalled Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi – Variant – A

Reinstalled Fine Face Textures for SAM

Reinstalled SAM Younger Genonox

Reinstalled ApachiiSkyHairFemale v1.5

Reinstalled ApachiiSkyHairMale v1.2

Reinstalled ApachiiSkyHair v1.6 Full

I don't think I have anything else that has to do with any textures/meshes but can pull a whole list of mods if it'd be helpful. 

Face and Body Mismatch.png

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It may be fixed if you have Creation Kit installed. You need to generate FaceGen files. Just open BBLS’s esm file in Creation Kit, then find characters added by the mod and highlight their IDs then press Ctrl+F4 and press “Yes”, wait till operation is done and save the file. 

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the grey heads probably means you either are missing the facegen files for those NPC's somehow, or you have multiple mods installed that are trying to change the same NPC's appearance. 


seams would mean you're using face textures that aren't compatible with the body that you're using. I see you have a lot of different face textures installed. I don't think they have any sort of cumulative effect when used in combination with each other so it might be best to just pick out the one you like the most.

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Author of the topic Posted

Update! So I was able to track down rogue facegen files from the OLD version of BBLS that appeared to be causing issues.  I thought I had gone through my Data folder with a fine-toothed comb before... guess not. There was a folder each within meshes and textures.  

It resolved the NPCs grey face bug right away (which to be honest I had seen the "grey face bug" term around before I posted yesterday, but it wasn't until after reading your responses that triggered the "ohhh maybe that IS what I'm getting"). However, when I use the console to coc from the startup screen to force a new game, my player character has the grey face bug which I never noticed before.  Disabled (didn't uninstall) the face texture mods I have but still that problem persisted. However when I reenable the texture mods and load a preset to start a new game, no grey face and everything looks good. 

I'm a bit antsy to say "ok good enough let's stop messing with mods and play the game again" but it also makes me nervous that there is still something somewhere that could cause an issue again in the future.  

Have yet to look into Creation Kit.

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The gray face is normal when you use coc from the title screen.  It loads the default male Nord facegen.  The face and skin tints don't get applied until you enter the racemenu.

The facegen data comes in pairs:  face mesh and face tints.  The gray face bug seems to happen when the face mesh can't find its associated face tint (path is stored in the shader of the mesh).

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Yeah, those pesky grey and black face bugs can be tricky sometimes.  Another thing to note is there is an app or command line bit that can be used to return your data and skyrim directory to pure default state, maybe its a steam console command, I cant recall exactly but I used it in the past on oldrim.

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