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is it too late to learn modding?

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Hi! I want to learn create mods like human body/texure/meshes but I really dont know where to start because I dont know anything about modding. Which programs I should learn as a begginer for body mods or any guide step by step that I can fallow and learn from it?

OFC I have some questions about it;

1.If I learn modding It can be helful for new elder scroll games? I mean you know elder scroll VI coming and I hope I can use my skills for VI.

2.Is that soo hard? Doing some skeletons or body like SAM it has to be so hard because there is not much body mods just SAM or SOS idk..

3.Do I need talent for body textures ? I have painting skills but I never worked on pc/photshop or something like that I just scrach papers..

4.Do I need codding skills?If question is yes I can give up because I dont like codding really..

And sorry for my english.

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It's never too late to start nodding. You can do a lot with modding. 

1. Yes. It will help with not only skyrim but with any Bethesda game and honestly, any game that can be modded.

2. It's going to be rough in the beginning, but the more you make mods and mess with programs the easier it gets. Pretty soon, you'll be able to do what you might of found hard in the beginning. It just take practice.

3. It's the same as #2. Even if you're not good at it in the beginning, you'll learn to do it. It takes time. With your painting skills, you should be able to conquer it!

4. Usually you don't. The only coding skills I would imagine you needing is for scripts and even then, there are guides out there to help you with that!

It's a learning process that you might fail at. What's important is that, if you fail, you get some rest, and try again the next day! 

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I do best if I have a solid product that I can play with and figure out how it works

I basically learned everything NifSkope when I made a full working boomerang. I imported the raw model itself, and then it still took me probably 50 hours to properly add it to the game. In hindsight I should have started simpler. The boomerang had to be capable of being thrown, properly animated, and capable of returning to you even if you around moving around. I just really wanted one in Skyrim and literally nothing did this so I dove in

As for scripting its always a bonus if you can but it is not needed. I abuse it...

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Thank you guys I really want to learn modding I have free times...But I need guide where should I start could you pls help me about that? 😘

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