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Hey guys!

I intalled the Khord follower from nexus but ingame he's missing his genitals. After trying the usual re-install, toggle on and off, playing around with the load order and copying SAM's textures (including genital textures) to Khords folder I decided to fire up the Creation Kit to see what might be off. He's reading as a Redguard and no other Redguard has this issue.

Any pointers?

Thank you in advance


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oh yeah i made that follower SAM compatible, you just have to remove his directory dependency using TES5 Edit so SAM can work on him like a regular NPC.

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Just now, Weiss said:

Really? Thank you so much!

yeah i can't remember with details but long ago i made a tutorial about how to make most Nexus Male NPCS compatible with SAM (when SAM was still stored in HoT forums). If i remember right it has something to do with removing some body directory wrote in the plugin so you can just use TES5 Edit for it.

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Do you happen to remember which dependency in particular I should remove? I'm looking at him in TesVEdit right now...


Found it!

To make him compatible simply remove the "WNAM - Worn Armor" record from the follower under "Non-Player Character (Actor)"


Thanks again!

Edited by Weiss

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i'm not sure but maybe it has something to do with SkinNakedDuplicatedimage.thumb.png.2f72b1cf18607b602ab53e2a7a25559a.png
1. is the modded plugin and 2. is the original one.

Edit: Alright the source of this is located in "Non-Player Character ( Actor)" section, instead of deleting the line from "Armor" section you can just remove the directory from WNAM - Worn Armor

that's how the modded plugin look like

and that's how the original one looks like.

Note that his body armor is attached to his own nif files, which means it has to be refitted to get compatible with SAM's.

here's a pic of him (NSFW)




Edited by Ulfberth

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