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Standalone Race: Younger Men- Beta

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I'm making this mod to allow the creation of younger twink-ier men, without ruining the burly bearish men I need.


I still will need some help, and feedback is much appreciated.

Below are some of the issues I have to work on, some of which, I have no idea how to fix yet!

weight slider (less than 100% creates groin gap)
skinny morph: seems to shrink the skeleton inward? Not really what I wanted.
Armor Refits: Only steel armor is available right now, and it is located in the "suspicious barrel" outside of breezehome- eventually I'd like some way to swap mesh appearances while equipped? That's a scripting related solution, so I'm not there yet.
Eye morphs: can't make the CK recognise the eye .tri files, so there's only one eye shape right now.

Dong: kinda floats like a tentacle... not sure of how to fix this? 
Mod Size: feels too large... Contains a lot of hi-rez textures, and new meshes though...

Hair- several hairstyle refits disappear randomly, or lose transparency (the Hair nif with transparency gets unloaded, leaving only the hairline nif.

there are other problems for certain, as well as the fact that I've never packed a mod before, so I may have done this completely incorrectly!










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You've included SAM body textures as the default male textures alongside your custom ones.  Also, your custom meshes are missing.  Based on the textures alone, they look really good for 2k.  The UV layouts are wildly different than vanilla though.  My only suggestion is to desaturate the textures a bit if you want to use different skin tones in-game.

With regards to the head mesh, its default shape is at weight 100.  The "skinny morph" is used to adjust the neck to fit the body at weight 0.

The proper way to pack custom assets is to gather them into a folder using the same structure as the game and then use the included archive program to manually pack them.  The CK will often include (or exclude) certain files.

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Thanks Kou! 

I'm aware of the uv difference, I'd like to make it conform to the default (so texture overlays don't screw up) but I'm not sure of how quite yet. I definitely need to desaturate the textures, 

I'll have to use the archive packer to repack the files, the CK seems to not be doing it right ha ha.


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Ok, I tried using the Archive.exe, (I assume I take the .bsa that it makes, and the .esp that the CK makes and pack them together?)

Let me know if I've done something wrong with this one (probably) and thanks for helping me with this 


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Looking into that now, I'll have to figure out why im a scrub at modding lol

Edit1: Yeah this is frustrating, not sure what went wrong, going to try to repack it, see if I cant do it right.

Edit2: Got it working, apparently, you have to pack your files as .zip, b/c .rar seems to screw up, and I had to pack the textures as loose files, as it wouldnt recognize the .bsa there are still things in the racemenu that cause CDT (eyetype in the eye menu is one) but that's just related to me making the .tri files correct.

The preset is also kinda fugly, you've gotta mess around in the sliders (face/brow mostly) to make him normal again. 

Many racemenu sliders don't do anything yet, still working out how to get them to recognize my .tri correctly, and then I've gotta sculpt them all


The version attached here should work      (let me know if this messes up for you, I value feedback so much!)


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